Moritz Albert paints people. On the periphery of portrait. Always with a vague narrative.
The depicted person’s self-display and its processing, evolving through time is a main focus. Political drifts effect the works and are critically studied. Anxieties of the artist and his surroundings are revealed but not exploited.
Works that observe and hint at things without trying to to be lecturing or obvious.


Moritz Albert lives and works in Solingen

  • 1986 – born in Solingen
  • since 2010 – various exibitions showcasing paintings and drawings
  • since 2011 – self-employed as „Audiovisual Media Designer“ after a completed vocational training
  • 2013 – first solo-show in a gallery
  • since 2015 – main focus on painting for a living
  • Exhibitions and art-fairs in various countries
  • represented in important collections
  • won and nominated for different art-prices

EXHIBITIONS (selected)


  • MitGift, solo-show, Neuer Kunstverein Wuppertal
  • artig Kunstpreis, group-show, Galerie Kunstreich, Kempten (Allgäu)


  • 50 Jahre Mondlandung, group-show, Galerie ART-ECK, Solingen
  • Grand Closing 6, group show, Felix, Solingen


  • Kölner Liste – discovery art fair, art fair, XPOST, Köln
  • Therapiestunde, solo show, Galerie Art-Eck, Solingen


  • Winter-Art, group show, Katharinenhof, Bonn
  • art’pu:l Emmerich, art-fair, PAN Kunstforum am Niederrhein, Emmerich (awarded with the Emmerich Kunstpreis 2017)


  • 30 Jahre Galerie ART-ECK, group show, Galerie ART-ECK, Solingen
  • Elektro Baby, solo show, Bernstein Elektro, Köln


  • Die Erfindung des Bürgersteigs, solo show, Galerie Art-Eck, Solingen
  • C.A.R.   Contemporary Art Ruhr, contemporary art fair, Welterbe Zollverein, Essen (Welterbe Zollverein represented by Galerie Art-Eck Solingen & Kunstvermittlung Werft-Art)


  • Menschenskind, group exibition, Werft 77, Düsseldorf


  • Zwischentöne, solo show, Galerie Art-Eck, Solingen